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Michigan vs. Barbecue

Two common words meaning many different things depending on the area of the country in which you grew up, have visited, or currently live.

For the residents of Northern New York and people who frequent the north country the one stop everybody talks about going to at some point is Clare and Carl’s.  Whether you live there and it is part of your weekly outings or a quick stop for lunch while shopping for the day a Michigan is the taste you crave.  With that craving the only place to truly satisfy that taste is Clare and Carl’s.  In other parts of the state or in the south they might be called Chili dogs but believe me they are no chili dogs.  There is not a true comparison to any other hot dog with sauce on it.  Many versions of the Michigan exist with everybody’s twist on it but the one and only Michigan is the Texas red hots at Clare and Carl’s called Michigan’s.

When you subject yourself to the great taste of a North Country favorite hot spot for lunch or dinner you can do one of a few things to enjoy it.  You can pull into the parking lot and they will come to your window and take your order allowing you to eat in your car with a view of Lake Champlain and on a clear day Vermont, eat at the picnic tables at the side of the building or go inside and eat.  Either when you will not be disappointed.  Only a few things you need to know.  Do you want an ordinary hot dog or a red hot (Glazier).  Do you want it With, Without, or Buried.  Whatever you preference before you are done eating you will rave on the food, the service, and be talking about your next visit.

For the residents of North Carolina and people who frequent the Piedmont area the one stop that everybody talks about going to at some point is Lexington Barbecue.  I recently ate here for the first time after living here for almost 20 years, not because I don’t like it but because the lines are always long and waiting out of the door.  Not to my surprise it was not because of a small dining room but because no matter the wait the food and smiling southern hospitality from the staff is well worth the time and money.  I now know why USA Today names it as one of ten best southern barbecue spots, why the Huffington Post names it the 4th best city for BBQ, and why Local Eats calls it one of twenty best BBQ’s in America.


Photo used from Lexington Barbecue

When you brave the line to find out first hand what the attraction to this favorite eat spot is, no doubt that you will enjoy a little piece of heaven in the form of a chopped or sliced BBQ plate (sandwiches also available).  I would definitely recommend you take the drive, await the line, and order you up a BBQ plate, hush puppies, and sweet tea today as there is nothing like tasting a southern specialty at it’s best washed down with a little southern sweet tea to finish out your day with.

So the question is Michigan’s from the North or Barbecue from the south?  I prefer them both and will continue to make Clare and Carl’s one of my first stops when I come to town to visit family and one of the last stops I make before I leave to head back south (Two without and fries with gravy).  As for Lexington Barbecue I will begin to frequent them more often with my family now that I fully understand the rave about the best in the south when it comes to barbecue (Chopped BBQ Sandwich and fries).

Until next time stop in and visit them and tell them Charlie Roberts from Coyote Corner Group recommended you.


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